Nov. 6, 2018


"My mission is to offer a positive vision of hope and optimism for District 7 and North Alabama, by providing a voice for policy improvement and problem resolutions to address community needs, while focusing on the following issues" :



  • Maintain Advantage Sites, (Industry ready)
  • Infrastructure Development and Repair, (roads, water, electric etc.)
  • Entrepreneurships and Innovations, (New companies and technology)
  • Workforce Development Programs and Skilled Training
  • Recruitment in Industrial and Economic Sectors, (Research, Service and Processing)

Economic Development






  • Adequate Funding for All Public Schools, including Teacher Wage Increases and Classroom Development
  • Pre-K Programs
  • Reading Programs, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Art and Music
  • Counselor and Social Worker for Elementary Schools
  • Career Tech and Dual Enrollment Programs, (Transition from High School to College Programs)
  • Safe Schools, Zero Tolerance for Bullying 

  • Federal Programs and Transitional Healthcare Systems
  • Common Sense Approaches to Controlling Rising Healthcare Cost
  • Access to Mental Health and Drug Treatment Options
  • Medicaid Expansion, to shore up Rural Hospitals and Rural Healthcare Providers

Affordable         Healthcare