My mission is to create hope and optimism for District 7 and North Alabama by providing a voice for policy improvement and resolutions that address community needs. If you send me to the State House, this is what I will focus on:


  • People above personal financial gain
  • Open and honest communication
  • Accessible and accurate recordkeeping
  • State government prepay for hotel employee travel
  • Cyber security protection

Government Integrity





Prison reform

  • Youth education and prevention programs
  • Ensure basic needs are met
  • Enforcement of humane treatment
  • Fair juror selection and juror education
  • Employment for ex-offenders
  • Transformation programs

  • Public service incentives
  • Team building/leadership and relationship building
  • Solving transportation issues for import and export of goods and services
  • Ethics in employee selection

workforce development




  • Affordable healthcare insurance 
  • 100% coverage for children
  • Mental healthcare 
  • Prescription privileges for psychologists
  • Community education on health preservation
  • Community financial planning for healthcare crisis
  • Support for rural hospitals and programs for addiction
  • Education incentives for psychiatry majors 









  • Educator incentives and increase wages
  • Raises for retirees
  • Collaboration early with mental health /DD and Education Department for special needs students
  • Prevent charter schools from taking funding from the Educational Trust Fund
  • Classroom budgets and supplies